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Greg Scott GregScott at InfraSupportEtc.com
Mon Apr 28 10:04:30 EDT 2008

Hello -


I have a couple of situations with a dedicated telecom circuit from the left side to the right side and I want to set up OpenSWAN to do backup routing - so if the dedicated telecom goes down, then the branchà branch traffic routes via OpenSWAN.  


I first tried this several months ago using  an updown script, giving the OpenSWAN route a metric of 10.  The regular route had a metric of 1, so the idea was, if that router or primary route died then all the traffic would just route through OpenSWAN.  Long story short, that didn't work.   When the router died, the old metric 1 route was still in place so nothing routed via OpenSWAN.  Instead, everything kept trying that metric 1 route and nothing tried the OpenSWAN route.  


I suppose I could just poll that telco router and maybe its partner router on the other side, and if neither one answer, get rid of the route and bring up the tunnel.  


I was wondering if anyone else had ideas on this?




-          Greg Scott

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