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volkan.goeksel at hsvv.hessen.de volkan.goeksel at hsvv.hessen.de
Tue Apr 15 02:59:21 EDT 2008

Dear Openswan User,

my networkstructure looks like this:

LAN1 <-> VPN-Gateway <-> VPN-Gateway1 <-> LAN2 

this is a site-to-site vpn with a ipsec tunnel (between gateway1 and 2). 

vpn works. but i want to install a radius server on the vpn-gateway1, 
because i want that the client on lan2 have to type username and password 
to reach lan1. 
if the passwort is incorrect, he cant connect with lan1. 
clients = windows xp 
gateways = linux 2.6 with openswan
i already installed freeradius on the gateway1, but i dont know how to 
the supporter of the freeradius mailinglist said that i should ask that 
question here.
can anyone help me?
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