[Openswan Users] Error: "initial Main Mode message received on but no connection has been authorized"

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Tue Apr 8 17:18:55 EDT 2008

BUI18 wrote:

> *Apr 8 12:08:56Debug InformationIPSec "conn_IPSec_Tunnel" #47: we
> require peer to have ID '66.27.a.b', but peer declares ''*

The problem is, PSKs and NAT don't really mix well. I don't know, can
you get away with leftid=@66.27.a.b on Openswan?

Since the Dlink appears to be running FreeS/WAN, is there an option in
the GUI to add something which ends up as rightid=@someidentifier in its
config? Then you add leftid=@someidentifier on Openswan as well.

Or does the Dlink support certificates?

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