[Openswan Users] Ipsec VPN from windows machines

Marco Berizzi pupilla at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 3 10:51:37 EDT 2008

Agent Smith wrote:

> root at med-idxgtw:~\[root at med-idxgtw ~]# ip -s x s
> src 146.9.osw.box dst 146.9.nat.router
> proto ipv6-crypt spi 0xa23e7f96(2722004886) reqid
> 16393(0x00004009) mode transport
> replay-window 32 seq 0x00000000
> auth hmac(sha1)
> 0x2707d9d3974bcec81e5eb5b41e3949f93c962fcd (160 bits)
> enc cbc(des3_ede)
> 0x8af1852fa7eab334554cd3275fb352fa178ce0376d6f66ae
> (192 bits)
> encap (not implemented yet!)

here is your problem:

encap (not implemented yet!)

this is a really odd message.
When there is a peer behind nat you should get

encap type espinudp sport 4500 dport 4500 addr

Another thing I see which is is wrong is that
there is no dir fwd policy.
Did you compile yourself the kernel? Are you
running some other ike daemon on this box?

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