[Openswan Users] Problems connecting to IPSec server

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Fri Sep 21 10:45:10 EDT 2007

Martin Krellmann wrote:

> I have problems establishing a connection to my Openswan IPSec server
> (U2.4.9/K2.6.11.4-21.17-default; it runs on SuSE Linux 9.3) via the
> Windowd XP (x64 SP2) VPN client.

Do you mean you use the x64 edition of Windows XP? Or do you use the
regular 32-bit XP on an x64 CPU? I have not tested with the x64 edition,
to be honest, it wasn't that popular.

> Sep 21 18:11:21 vpngate pluto[7279]: "l2tp-cert-orgWIN2KXP" #3: next
> payload type of ISAKMP Hash Payload has an unknown value: 91

Is NAT involved somewhere? NAT traversal is not enabled.
The "l2tp-cert-orgWIN2KXP" seems to indicate a non-updated client is
connecting. You didn't include your ipsec.conf, perhaps the output
of 'ipsec barf > output.txt' would be useful. But make sure you
set debug to none in ipsec.conf.

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