[Openswan Users] Stuck at IP address for OpenSwan RoadWarrior against SonicWall

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Thu Sep 20 06:00:41 EDT 2007


 I am trying to set up a RoadWarrior on Gentoo using OpenSwan VVVVV

authenticating against a SonicWall TZ 170 running SonicOS Standard

After a fair amount of Googling I found this thread:


after specifying the dh strength on the ike line of my ipsec.conf thussly:


my authentication issues are solved, and OpenSwan authenticates correctly.

What I can't do, and am having trouble finding documentation for, is to
get an IP on the virtual network.

The client machines will be used on the road, so will have a dhcp assigned
address on the physical adapter. The Sonicwall assigns IP addresses on a network to windows clients authenticating with the Sonicwall
Global VPN client.

As there is no visible virtual interface on my OpenSwan machines, I'm
wondering how to acheive this (I have set the Sonicwall up to accept
static addresses if DHCP will not work, although dhcp would allow for an
extra level of security).

I hope someone can help with this niggling issue.



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