[Openswan Users] Tunnel goes down for no reason

Peter McGill petermcgill at goco.net
Tue Sep 11 12:19:56 EDT 2007

I'm all static IP now, but when I had a dynamic DSL connection
Using PPPoE to connect, I set /etc/ppp/ip-up script to restart
Openswan (ipsec restart), which reset the connection on the
Client when the ip changed, and rebuilt the tunnel. Combined with
DPD the Connection Still dropped from time to time, but mostly worked.

Peter McGill

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> > It does a restart, but unfortunately does not do a new DNS 
> lookup at this
> > point.
> >   
> Any chance to get OpenSwan to reload this IP? Otherwise I 
> would have to
> detect this change to restart the tunnel on both ends. Is it 
> possible to
> change the scripts responsible for DPD ( meaning, the action 
> taken when
> it is detected )? Because then I could register a restart of the
> services on both ends to happen after a couple of minutes ( 
> the time it
> takes to propagate the new IP ).
> Sure a static IP is better but I'm still trying to get this 
> "through" so
> if I get this working in the mean time it would be nice.
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