[Openswan Users] Tunnel goes down for no reason

Roland Plüss roland at rptd.ch
Sat Sep 8 09:52:44 EDT 2007

>> I have a static tunnel which connects a home network to a company
>> network. The tunnel works in both directions the way it should. Now the
>> problem is that after some time of not being used ( for example over
>> night ) the tunnel suddenly goes down. This means the tunnel is reported
>> to be up put no ping goes through from the home network to the company
>> network. Once I send a ping from the company network over to the home
>> network the tunnel is again open in both directions.
>> Anybody knows what could cause such a problem?
> If you are doing NAT-Traversal, your NAT router might be timing out the
> port mapping.
No, this should not be the case. I have the following setup:

company/home ( both the same ):
- ADSL router set to forward all connections to the server ( hence a 1:1
mapping sort of )
- Gentoo server with OpenSwan with iptables set to not masquerade the
VPN traffic

This should not trigger NAT in any way I think.
> You have to first figure out why it is going down. Are both sides openswan?
> If both end support DPD, you can enable that.
What is DPD in OpenSwan?

Yours sincerely
Plüss Roland

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