[Openswan Users] 1st message . . . ready to install ... but ...

lance raymond lance.raymond at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 22:29:11 EDT 2007

Had that 1st question.  Heard a lot of positive things and very excited to
test.  Before I start pulling my hair out (and I will RTFM before the real
stupid questions), basically as a y/n question.

We have a juniper ns5gt hardware VPN device and I am looking for a VPN
client that is both linux friendly and free!  I see there is no 'gui' which
is no big deal for me, some of our sales guys, eh, but right now let's focus
on me  :)

The router supports numerous encryption types so I guess is anyone else
using openswan to connect to a netscreen device or can say yes and used this
enc type, or just no it won't work.

I appreciate any advice and/or responses.

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