[Openswan Users] XL2TPD/Double NAT issue

Frank Schmirler osusers at schmirler.de
Mon Oct 15 08:38:19 EDT 2007

On Mon, 15 Oct 2007 20:52:56 +0900, Gerald Vogt wrote
> Now I start to wonder do you all really use this 
> DISABLE_UDP_CHECKSUM and fixed the syntax error or do you think it 
> is in there but in fact? Do you really see this message "UDP 
> checksum using NAT-OA disabled at compile time" in the klipsdebug output?

Double checking... Ok - actually compiled and tested a 2.4.7 with the patch
from bugtracking (#601). So never really tried 2.4.9, only verified that the
patch is the same.


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