[Openswan Users] route up before tunnel up

Dragos Gabriel Stoica sg.dragos at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 15:51:22 EDT 2007

thx for reply.

about forums, there is not only phpBB out there :-) , there are some
GPL software forums where u can subscribe to the thread you have
posted, subscribe to other thteads or subscribe to all and receive by
email only what you want to receive. (not all users at maillist)

about the link above, its not what i need. ive read it before mailing here :-)

i have an equipment for the mpls tunnel, i have a linux server for
openswan where i concentrate about 30 trendnet routers in metropolitan
area and 8 alliedtelesyn routers national area. I have ospf between
the linux router and the equipment for mpls. all ok till now. my
probblem is when i try to set up a backup link between linux server
and the equipments in the mpls network (provider1) trough openswan

my problem is that openswan its seting a scope link route in the
system by calling _updown before the tunnel up.

is there any way to call that script from pluto at tunnel <name> up or
down events ? and not at start pluto or stop pluto ? cose i dont have
only one tunnel set up on that machine.


On 10/9/07, Paul Wouters <paul at xelerance.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Oct 2007, Dragos Gabriel Stoica wrote:
> > First, i hope youll add a forum on your site. :)
> We will not use forums, as they require active user actions to read
> instead of allowing users to passively receive mail, and even reply
> to email when offline. Forums add nothing to a mailing list.
> > My problem is on site1 on the PC where i have openswan. If ipsec its
> > not started i have a dynamic route for site2 set by zebra (received
> > from other computer in site1).
> >
> > If i start ipsec, the prog add a static route trough the tunnel before
> > the tunnel comes up, even if provider2 is down.
> >
> > In short: Can i set openswan to add that route only after the tunnel
> > is up and delete it if the tunnel goes down ?
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