[Openswan Users] Fedora 7, openswan 2.10 on 2.6.22 kernels with NAT-T and KLIPS

Agent Smith news8080 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 26 17:07:11 EST 2007

This maybe a kernel question and should go to redhat
group but I want to see if others have seen it too.

I installed FC7-i386/32bit / downloaded kernel
linux-2.6.22, openswan-2.4.10.kernel-2.6.22-natt.patch
and openswan-2.4.10.kernel-2.6-klips.patch

I then patched the kernel and tried copied the .config
over from the existing installed kernel that came with

I've been using OS for a while now and usually at this
point I should be able to do 'make menuconfig' and
select KLIPS and NAT-T in that and compile the kernel;
well when I did make menuconfig, I only saw NAT-T
stuff there and the KLIPS thing never showed up.

also to get it to even run 'make menuconfig' I had to
touch net/ipsec/Kconfig which I don't ever remember
doing whenever I installed KLIPS/NAT-T with fedora. 

(I suppose I can go vi the .config and add KLIPS in
there manually)

anyone seen it?

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