[Openswan Users] where are the compile options

Peter McGill petermcgill at goco.net
Fri Nov 23 12:59:43 EST 2007

You can set the standard CFLAGS variable, make will use it.
To install to custom paths you can use these openswan make variables:
make \
  DESTDIR=/tmp/package-openswan \
  FINALBINDIR=/usr/libexec/ipsec \
  FINALRCDIR=/etc/rc.d \
  FINALCONFFILE=/etc/ipsec.conf \
  INC_DOCDIR=share \
This is a sample of how I set them when compiling a package for my distribution.
I've attached the complete script I wrote for compiling slackware packages if your interested.
Peter McGill


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Hi all,
i want to compile openswan from tarball. In the INSTALL, only two commands i need input : make programs;make install. it's right but
i need some compile options to point.  As some other tarball, there is a file with name configure , also we use below method to
compile it:
   ./confugre --some options ... .    
This is what i want to . In openswan package, i cannot find the configure file , so which way i could use to do that.  i will use a
script to compile openswan and must put it into a especial path with especial options(of course must exist).
thank in advance

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