[Openswan Users] Help regarding Implementing Openswan-2.4.9 asclient software

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Hi Users,

I am Muhammad Muhyiddeen A working as a Software Engineer.  
Is it possible to implement this Openswan2-4.9 as Client Software in either windows PC or linux PC or in Windows Laptop or Linux
Laptop ? 
Yes to all I believe, but that really depends on what your trying to do and what you mean by Client software?
Can openswan run on linux? Yes it's primarily designed to run on linux.
Can openswan run on PC or laptop? Yes to both.
Can openswan run on Windows? I believe there is a windows port.
Openswan implements a virtual private network (VPN) between two computers and optionally networks connected to the two computers.
(You can add more computers by adding more tunnels but each encrypted tunnel is between two computers.)
It does this using the standard ipsec protocol and can therefore also connect to other ipsec vpn software, although connecting to
openswan is simplest.
(There have been working connections to Windows, MAC, Cisco, Nortel and others. Note to interop with Windows you may need xl2tpd
Client and server are largely irrelevant to openswan it does both, one or both sides may start the connection.
(Except when one side has a dynamic ip address, then the dynamic side must start the connection.)
To get a better answer tell us more what your trying to accomplish.
Is it possible to implement this Openswan-2.4.9 as a client software in my board which is having DSP processor ? 
What is DSP? 
Please give your suggestions regarding this.
Expecting your kind reply....
Muhammad Muhyiddeen A

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