[Openswan Users] more than one nokia symbian vpn client (s60 or s80) to openswan

klaus meier kalus_meier_der1 at yahoo.de
Wed Nov 14 12:23:43 EST 2007


i added possibility to connect my mobile to an openswan box!

problem is - how can i connect a second mobile to that box ?! it seems i can not add an ip address to nokia's vpn client config as i would normally do when connecting an openswan warrior ! the client gets the ip from openswan box. but having a second connection settings does not help as the second mobile will take the settings of first connection !

here the configs:
conn nokia
        authby=secret|rsasig  # allow also rsa clients to access - see later conn settings
        # Modeconfig setting
        left=<openswan box ext ip>
        leftrsasigkey=%cert   # here rsa clients fail and try another group
        rightsubnet=<ip i give to mobile device>/32
        rightrsasigkey=%cert   # here rsa clients fail and try another group

tx for help !

check also http://groups.google.de/group/comp.dcom.sys.cisco/browse_thread/thread/86139e1a50ddfec9 for more details regarding nokia vpn client config on device!


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