[Openswan Users] IP cache on ADSL Connections

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Thu Nov 8 09:57:45 EST 2007

On Thu, 8 Nov 2007, Frederico Madeira wrote:

> No.
> I'll add and test.
> What is the function of this parameter ?

       rekey  whether  a connection should be renegotiated when it is about to
              expire; acceptable values are yes (the default) and no. The  two
              ends need not agree, but while a value of no prevents Pluto from
              requesting renegotiation, it  does  not  prevent  responding  to
              renegotiation  requested  from  the  other  end,  so  no will be
              largely ineffective unless both ends agree on it.

You cannot rekey to dynamic ip addresses.

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