[Openswan Users] Simple Help

Jae Chang jc-openswan at jline.com
Wed Nov 7 11:47:34 EST 2007

Paul... thanks again for the quick reply.

I may research the KLIPS option. are there any useful resources for 
describing the KLIPS vs NETKEY solution? I am using NETKEY, only because 
it is the laziest built-in solution, with a Debian distribution, at least.

Thanks again,
> In theory, no. But in practise it works for some, and not for others.
> Ifsomeone ever pinpoints what makes or breaks these types of setups,
> and we can accomodate it, we have no issue with it.
> But in general it requires a lot of magic with routing, portforwarding
> and NAT.
> You might want to try KLIPS instead of NETKEY too.
> Paul

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