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Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Sun May 20 05:25:25 EDT 2007

Peter Njiiri wrote:

> Thank you for your feedback, I'm running a Windows roadwarrior as well
> as a SUSE Linux roadwarrior on two different wrkstations. My original
> plan was to run the configuration with both L2TP and without. Is it
> possible to run both on the system for example have conn
> roadwarrior-l2tp-updatedwin to run for Windows l2tp and conn roadwarrior
> run for Linux and Windows (non-L2TP) clients?

Sure, but I would suggest getting one configuration to work first. Then
get the other one to work. And finally you join both configurations to
support both scenarios. Troubleshooting should be much easier then.

> If I can't run it this way how can the configuration be changed to run
> for both a Linux and Windows workstation (non-l2tp) since Linux cannot
> run a l2tp connection (I'm I wrong in assuming this).

Linux can do L2TP/IPsec:

And Windows can do IPsec without L2TP:

> What would be the reason for ping not working?

Ping the _internal_ IP address.

> Must I test this connectivity from a remote location?

Test it in a lab setting first.

>  rightsubnet=vhost;%no,%priv


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