[Openswan Users] OpenSwan with XAUTH to sonicwall 2040

Aaron Kincer kincera at gmail.com
Thu May 17 12:06:34 EDT 2007

Let me rephrase that. It works and the only issues I have I don't 
believe are related to that. Here's my list:

-XAUTH and Openswan seem to be incompatible for reasons I haven't 
-You cannot require DHCP over VPN on the Sonicwall although you can 
allow both static IPs and DHCP.
-I haven't gotten traffic flowing from the other side of the Sonicwall 
over the VPN (IOW no SSH yet) I'm sure it's possible. Just haven't spent 
more than 5 minutes on it.
-So far, only one PC per subnet seems to be able to connect via 
Openswan. If I connect my computer upstairs, the VPN downstairs goes 
down. Haven't explored this yet.

Aaron Kincer wrote:
> Paul Wouters wrote:
>>> conn xauth1
>>> type=tunnel
>>> #left=%defaultroute
>>> left=192.168.1.x
>>> leftsubnet=
>> You cannot tunnel a subnet via a left= that is within the subnet.
> Really? Because that's how I'm doing it now and I don't have any 
> issues that I can see.

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