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ctosgh ctosgh at 126.com
Thu Mar 29 02:02:36 EDT 2007

    I am Jacky, a beginner with openswan2.3.1. Now,I meet a big problem(may be just for me).
    We know that ESP has two services,authentication and encryption. We can chose either or both of them.
    What should I do if I only want ESP's authentication service with transport mode between two hosts? I do not use /etc/ipsec.conf but a scritp to configure openswan.
When I run the following script, it tells me that "--esp" need argument like this "enc_alg-auth_alg-modp".But I just want to only use ESP's authentication service with transport mode. What should I do?

$IPSEC_PATH/whack --delete --name test
$IPSEC_PATH/whack --name test \
 --host  \
 --nexthop --to \
 --host \
 --psk --esp  --ike 3des

Fartherly, how to configure the openswan to use AH's authentication service or ESP's own authentication if I use ESP protocol.

   I will really appreciate your help and reply~~~~~~

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