[Openswan Users] problem with many connections

cyril Pinto apinto at nxt-it.net
Thu Mar 15 03:58:16 EDT 2007

Paul Wouters a écrit :
> On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, cyril Pinto wrote:
>>> Are you sure your 1 connection simply is not broken. 20 is not a "large"
>>> amount
>>> of connections.
>>> Paul
>> i'm not sure to anderstand your reply , but not all the connections are broken
>> but only one or two .
> One or two specific ones are broken? Or is it a different connection that is broken
> each time you run?
> Paul
One or two specific ones are broken . But from time to time it's coulb 
be another one and when it's the case , once the connection is up , 
impossible to ping this specific network. After a few 
--delette,--add,--up on both side the ping is good.
i tried a tcpdump to follow packets from the server side to that 
specific gateway . Its reached the local interface (eth1) of the server 
and not the interface(eth0) which established then connection over 
internet. With the route command i can see this network  address listed.

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