[Openswan Users] Ping From Gateway to Remote Network

Patrick Ford fenderdood at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 12:53:25 EST 2007

The problem is that the GW tries to send packet through the tunnel from its
public address, which does not match the encryption domain.  You can remedy
this by hide natting (source natting) all traffic destined to an encryption
domain from the GW to its internal ip address.  i.e.

SNAT --to-source <INTERNAL IP OF GW>

of course this is the Linux solution. Other OS's I couldn't really tell you
how to use the NAT.

On 05/03/07, Fernando Blankleder <fernandoblankleder at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Hi, i'm having problems pinging from my ipsec gateway to remote network,
> everything else works great, any clues ? i used to do it with routing but i
> lost my script :(
> Thanks
> Fernando Blankleder
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