[Openswan Users] Problem with authentication ?

Salvatore sasa at shoponweb.it
Mon Mar 5 07:05:10 EST 2007

"Paul Wouters" wrote:
>> config setup
>> authby=secret
>> conn left-road
>> auto=add
>> authby=secret
>> pfs=no
>> rekey=no
>> left=81.yyy.yyy.yyy
>> leftnexthop=81.yyy.yyy.zzz
>> leftprotoport=17/1701
>> right=%any
>> rightprotoport=17/1701
>> rightsubnet=vhost:%no,%priv
>> include /etc/ipsec.d/examples/no_oe.conf
> Looks like the client tried to do RSA (authby=rsasigkey) instead of PSK
> (authby=secret) and it tried to use single DES which openswan rejected.

...but therefore the my problem is on client vpn ? why this client tried to 
do RSA instead of PSK ? I use a Windows XP Pro (with all patchs) but  I have 
tried with other clients and I have the same problem, moreover the same 
client with other vpn connection is functionally.


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