[Openswan Users] Multiple VPN connections

Michael Jacobsen mic.jacobsen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 10:10:50 EST 2007

I'm wondering on how to make the following simplified setup

 1. I have a Linux machine with OpenSWAN (the server) with wan IP
 2. A network with a VPN router with WAN ip Behind this one I
 3. A network with a VPN router with WAN ip Behind this one I
have _also_

I'm aware the routing tables will newer be able to determine whether a
connection to, say, should go though the connection to
network 2 or to network 3 as could be (and our
particular case most likely is) on both networks.

However, our application would now which connection to use. That is,
is it possible to create a C (or python or whatever) program that

 - given the private ip
 - and that we want to connect through the VPN connection with

 makes  the proper connection connection.

Also a second copy of the program should run at the same time
connecting to through the VPN to

Curently I'm running OpenSWAN on a 2.6 kernel, where I do not get
ipsecX devices. I have an idea that I could solve my problem with
ipsecX devices and should recompile my kernel? Or is it possible with
the new 2.6 kernel way of doing ipsec?

With kind regards
  Michael Jacobsen

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