[Openswan Users] Juniper/Netscreen-5GT to OpenSwan IPSec VPN Tunnel

Greg Michaels greg.michaels at vyatta.com
Tue Jan 30 16:28:09 EST 2007

I am looking for a working configuration from Juniper/Netscreen to
OpenSwan using Netkey or someone who can assist me with my current
configuration. I post my configuration for both boxes along with the
latest logs.


I have configured both ends and believe I have passed the initial exchange
for Phase I and also exchanged the Phase II negotiations for SPI, Tunnel
ID and lifetime. I believe that my issue lays in the Phase II custom
Proposals not negotiating?


Netscreen/Juniper-5GT to OpenSwan:


Untrusted                     Trusted Tunnel         

                 _________                                 ________|---|Netscreen|.1-------------------.10|OpenSwan

                 |________|                               |_________|


Notes: Untrusted is really also Trusted because I have the firewall open
for testing


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