[Openswan Users] MacOSX 10.4.8/OpenSWAN 2.4.7/xltpd 1.1.06

Tomasz Grzelak tgrzelak at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 11:32:59 EST 2007

Paul Wouters napisał(a):
> On Sun, 21 Jan 2007, Tomasz Grzelak wrote:
>> that's very interesting why the problem seems to occur only to Debian.
>> Maybe the Openswan developers or testers would look at the issue in some
>> test lab and try to find out what is wrong or what is different in
>> Debian comparing to other distributions.
> Debian "stable" is known to use obsolete versions of openswan. They cannot
> be convinced to upgrade due to their internal policies.

I always used the most recent (but stable) release of Openswan, compiled 
by myself, not taken from any repositories. I've never tried KLIPS, 
maybe I should have...

By the way, what is the file openswan-2.4.7.kernel-2.6-natt.patch.gz for?

I've never applied that patch, because I had no problems to establish a 
connection with a clear kernel, but I wonder if it has anything to the 
issue being discussed.

Tomasz Grzelak

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