[Openswan Users] Packet has no Non-ESP marker

Sergey V. Stenkin stenkinsv at amteo.ru
Mon Jan 22 03:12:36 EST 2007

Hi, Gerhard.

You wrote:

> Ping with less/equal than 73 bytes work fine. But ping with more then 73
> bytes will fail. The pluto-logs shwo the following line for every ping:
> "pluto[2711]: packet from recvfrom
> has no Non-ESP marker".

> Does anyone know a solution for this problem?

> I use OpenVPN over IPsec (OpenVPN only cause of ethernetbriding...)

> Thanks a lot.

> Gerhard

You use "compress = yes" in ipsec.conf?

Best regards,
Sergey Stenkin

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