[Openswan Users] IpSec Connections

Patrick Ford fenderdood at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 12:33:07 EST 2007

Brian and Andy,
Yes that is correct (as far as I remember) if you are using kernel-2.6 IPSec
(or redhat-EL 2.4 with crypto-API added)  There is no specific IPSec device.

If you are trying to verify that the traffic between those networks is
indeed encrypted, you can sniff the traffic between both gateways, You
should not see between the networks only between the gateways.

I would recommend recompiling your openswan from source if that option is
available to you. If you are using a redhat distribution kernel there are a
few tweaks you may have to do to get klips to compile, but the ipsec
interfaces are worth it just for the ability to netfilter on on the

Best regards

Patrick Ford


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