[Openswan Users] Checkpoint - OpenSwan connection dropping

Mike.Peters at opengi.co.uk Mike.Peters at opengi.co.uk
Tue Jan 9 05:09:49 EST 2007


> When you say "I cannot re-initiate the connection from the 
> OpenSwan end",
> Do you mean only auto-renew fails, or manual too?
> I see no reason why manual would fail here.
> ie) ipsec auto --up checkpoint-openswan
> (pings will not renew an openswan conn, they are not 
> "on-demand" in that sense.)
To clarify, when the connection drops, "ipsec whack --status" shows the
tunnel as up, but no traffic passes over the tunnel from the OpenS/WAN
to checkpoint end, pinging from the checkpoint end brings the connection
back. Restarting the tunnel with "ipsec auto --up checkpoint-openswan"
or even completely restarting ipsec, does not bring the connection back
- although again "ipsec whack" shows the tunnel as being established.

> However, to fix auto-renewal, try setting rekey=yes, and 
> keyingtries=%forever in the appropriate conn.
> They are defaults, however putting keyingtries=3 in the 
> %default conn, will have overridden the default.
> Also make sure that keylife and ikelifetime match the values 
> in the checkpoint configuration.
> You can also try enabling dead peer detection if supported by 
> checkpoint.
> In openswan is, dpddelay=30, dpdtimeout=120, dpdaction=restart.

Thanks for the suggestions, I've set rekey=yes and keyingtries=%forever
to see if that helps and will enable dead peer detection as suggested if
it doesn't.

> All this may help, however I suspect your biggest problem is 
> keyingtries=3 in the %default conn.
> Experience has taught me that keyingtries does not reset 
> after a connection is made, so at best
> You'll get 2 renewals, before openswan gives up. This doesn't 
> afect incoming conns, so it would
> Still allow the checkpoint to renew it, as your ping has done.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

Mike Peters
Linux System and Website Administrator
Open G I Limited
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