[Openswan Users] Working openswan - vpn3030 setup with rsa auth?

Magosányi Árpád m4gw4s at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 14:30:36 EST 2007


I feel myself completely stuck with configuring a cisco vpn3030 and an
openswan as a road varrior using RSA authentication. The vpn3030 does
not respond even to the first packet, and all I can see in its logs
that the packet is received and understood. Not a word about the cause
of the silence. Yes, I have checked that there is no filter, and the
IKE (and ESP, but in this stage it cannot be the issue) parameters
should match in both ends.

Are there anyone willing to share the setup of a working config?
(Or at least confirm that this should be working.)
Thank you in advance.

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