[Openswan Users] KLIPS and 2.6.19 kernel?

Christian Horn chorn at fluxcoil.net
Fri Jan 5 03:47:36 EST 2007

On Thu, Jan 04, 2007 at 05:18:33PM -0800, Justin Fletcher wrote:
> Do you have recommendations on whether to use KLIPS or NETKEY with a
> 2.6 kernel?  The Openswan book recommends KLIPS with 2.6, and a search
> of the archives shows that KLIPS has been made to work with 2.6.17.

If the features of NETKEY are sufficient for what you want to do stick
with it as its the easier way to do. Should work with all 2.6-kernels,
but >2.6.15 is recommended.

KLIPS using the latest stable release of OpenSwan 2.4.7 works with kernel
2.6.18, but i havent seen success-reports with kernel 2.6.19 so far. Tried
with the latest cvs-version yesterday, also hitting problems, so one
should stick with 2.6.18 when using KLIPS for now.

If your not sure if you need KLIPS you probably dont need it ;)


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