[Openswan Users] Help: setting up tunnel between roadwarrior and a network through Firewall

mohamed mydeen abmmydeen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 07:04:32 EST 2007

Hi Users,

I want to enter into my office networh through Firewall.

I am having PC or Laptop which is running OPenswan on SuSE Linux Version
10.1.  Now I want to connect my PC/Laptop through GPRS Modem(It is a
wireless modem - MOXA G21501) to my office network.  But my office network
is having Firewall.

I have tried with some ways to get into.  But I was not able to create

In my office, it is running with PSK with user name and password instead of
RSA Signature.

I have changed the ipsec.secrets by replacing RSA signature with PSK.  Then
I have used the following command for XAUTH for making use of username and

ipsec whack --xauthname 'username' --xauthpass 'password' --name
xauth-roadwarriors --initiate

But I got the following output as

Both ends are not identified.

What should I do for creating tunnel?

What is the configuration that should I use?

Kinldy reply...


Muhammad Muhyiddeen A
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