[Openswan Users] Vista and Openswan L2TP IPSEC vpn connection problem

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Sun Dec 23 11:49:58 EST 2007

Oguz Yilmaz wrote:

> Openswan logs says "no connection is known".

The issue seems to be that the client is behind NAT but you forgot
to add a parameter virtual_private to config setup. That's what the
"no connection is known for" error says. Add something like this
to your config setup section:


>         interfaces=""

Huh? If you leave this parameter out, Openswan will use the interface
that has the default gateway, which is probably what you want.

> conn b-labris.l2tp-zcert
>         auth=esp
>         esp=3des-md5-96

I would suggest to leave these two parameters out. Openswan has good defaults.

>         leftnexthop=EXTERNALIPDEFGW

If you leave this parameter out too, it will default to the IP address
of the default gateway.

>         rightid=%any

I would also suggest rightca=%same

> EXTERNALIP %any : RSA vpn-anahtari.key "labris"
> : RSA vpn-anahtari.key "labris"

Change your password :-)

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