[Openswan Users] Different PFS setting but can connect success

Gbenga stjames08 at yahoo.co.uk
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set pfs=no on both sides. this ensures that neither of the vpn server request pfs.


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        Is there anybody knows how to disable this feature?, I means, do not use PFS feature if I disable it. 
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On Wednesday 19 December 2007, Argon_Cheng at sdc.sercomm.com wrote:
>         I have two VPN stations(using openswan 2.4.4). I set PFS disable
> in left station while PFS enable in right station. But these two stations
> can establish VPN connection success. Is there anyone know the reason?

>From the ipsec.conf manpage:


Whether Perfect Forward Secrecy of keys is desired on the connection's keying 
channel (with PFS, penetration of the key-exchange protocol does not 
compromise keys negotiated earlier); Since there is no reason to ever refuse 
PFS, Openswan will allow a connection defined with pfs=no to use PFS anyway. 
Acceptable values are yes (the default) and no.

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