[Openswan Users] [Bulk] Re: %defaultroute equivalent for ipsec.secrets

Jonathan Coles jcoles0727 at rogers.com
Mon Sep 18 12:51:22 EDT 2006

I used "Reply All" so that the list is CC'd. Thanks for the 

I reloaded the secrets each time I changed the secrets file.

Andy Gay wrote:
> Here's a thing though - I just read the ipsec.secrets manpage again, and
> actually it's working as documented. Here's the relevant section:
>        To  authenticate  a connection between two hosts, the entry that most specifically matches the host and peer IDs is
>        used.  An entry with no index will match any host and peer.  More specifically, an entry with one index will  match
>        a  host and peer if the index matches the host's ID (the peer isn't considered).
> Which is what seems to be happening here - it's not looking at the
> gateway's address. So perhaps this isn't a bug but a (mis-)feature....

I found that section unclear. I have yet to find a clear 
distinction between "host" and "peer". Which am I?

If the "host" is the VPN gateway, and the peer (my end) 
isn't considered, there should be no problem. The error 
message, though, shows that Openswan is looking for a PSK 
definition that includes my specific IP address. But I can 
define a PSK definition with information about either end 
and it works just fine. That doesn't make sense to me.

That man page also mentions the %any value, which doesn't 
solve the problem either.

As my original question said, all I really need is a magic 
value like %defaultroute so that I can insert my current IP 
into the ipsec.secrets definition. Perhaps this is a feature 
request more than a bug.

Thanks for your help.

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