[Openswan Users] Delete payload

Sergiu Icobescu sergiu.icobescu at iprotim.ro
Thu Sep 14 02:48:49 EDT 2006

Hello everybody, I installed openswan 2.4.5 on kernel 2.6.15, Fedora Core 5.
The problem I'm having is this:


pluto[1676]: "roadwarrior"[7] #13: received Delete SA(0x7387043f) payload:
deleting IPSEC

pluto[1676]: "roadwarrior"[7]  #13: received and ignored informational

pluto[1676]: "roadwarrior"[7]  #13: received Delete SA payload: deleting
ISAKMP State #13

pluto[1676]: "roadwarrior"[7]: deleting connection "roadwarrior" instance
with peer 


I found a patch on Jacco's docs, at
http://www.jacco2.dds.nl/networking/msl2tp.html . My question is: Is there
any other way to solve this problem, or do I have to recompile openswan?


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