[Openswan Users] Sonicwall OpenSwan Shorewall (routing issue)

Bobby bobbyforte at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 26 10:32:52 EST 2006



I need some help..


Here is my setup..


Our office has Sonicwall TZ170 Appliance/Standard OS (latest firmware)

I have OpenSwan FC4 with Shorewall (lastest version) Firewall..


According to Sonicwall Appliance logs my Firewall was successfully created a
VPN Tunnel 


Sonicwall subnet is

Shorewall (my place)


Shorewall config 

>From office IP to my firewall allow protocol 50(ESP), 51(AH) and udp

>From WAN ( allow to LAN any service


While remotely connected on my workstation to the office I can ONLY ping my
windows 2003 server but I don't know why I can't with my 2 WinXP


While monitoring the logs without the policy "from wan ( allow
to LAN any Service"

The shorewall drops the connection from WAN ( so I'm sure that
my tunnel is working


My problem is what routing do I need to put on my linux box to communicate
with sonicwall?


How can I put from LAN if going to 10 subnet go to sonicwall?


After restarting the service of my ipsec it will automatically create a
routing from lan going to 10 subnet go to the internet gw (firewall gw)
which is even with that rules it will automatically go to the gw :-(

According to sonicwall Documentation put a route from lan going to 10
segment go to firewall lan ip address :-( it doesn't have sense to me :-(


I hope you can understand my scenario.. 


Thanks guys






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