[Openswan Users] [NEWBIE] Help needed - Openswan 2.2 - Sarge 2.4.27 <-> Cisco Pix

Peter McGill petermcgill at goco.net
Fri Nov 24 08:53:44 EST 2006

On Fri, 24 Nov 2006 Mathieu Chappuis
> Would you help me ? I can't have a working tunnel using openswan 2.2
> talking to a Cisco Pix.
> My openswan router run a Debian Sarge 2.4.27, Openswan IPsec
> U2.2.0/K2.4.27-1-386.
> packet from ignoring informational payload, type
> conn vpn
>       type=tunnel
>       left=
>       leftsubnet=   # Defined as DONALD on pix side.
>       right=
>       rightsubnet=
>       esp=3des-sha1-1024    #Also tried with 3des-sha1
>       keyexchange=ike
>       # keylife=1d
>       authby=secret
>       pfs=no #yes
>       auto=add

I've never used Cisco, so I can't comment on it's setup, but this looks almost right.
I'd try putting this in your conn.
Also auto=add, means the connection will not start until the cisco requests it, if you
want openswan to start the conn right away you need to use auto=start.
Also, your using a version that's a bit old, 2.2, I'd recommend getting a recent version.

If your still not connecting, then send us your full log for that connection, which should be
less than a dozen or so lines, starting with something similar to this:
Nov 22 09:40:33 sheridan pluto[7376]: "stmarys-office-net-to-london-office-net" #1: initiating Main Mode
Nov 22 10:19:09 delenn pluto[26859]: "stmarys-office-server-to-london-office-server" #78: responding to Main Mode


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