[Openswan Users] Connecting Subnets through Ipsec :- Doubts

John Joseph jjk_saji at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 15 03:11:54 EST 2006

  I am trying to test VPN for subnet connection ,  I
am reading the book "Building and Integrating Virtual
Private Network  with OpenSwan " By Paul Wouters and

I am following the examples from the book 

Sun Set  ---  WEST -------  EAST --- Sun Rise 

I got little confused , my doubts are 

1> To connect Subnets through Ipsec , Do I need to
"host to host " tunnel running .

2> I plan to use  Linux as Ipsec server on WEST and
EAST , if the configuration is correct , to connect 
"West to East ", do I need only to restart the ipsec
on both sides ?. 

                    Joseph John 

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