[Openswan Users] Aggressive mode for Pluto

Dan Meiron dim at caltech.edu
Fri Nov 10 12:49:01 EST 2006

I am trying to make a road warrior connection to my linksys vpn router. 
Unfortunately this box only accepts aggressive mode when the IP address 
is not known.

I followed the Openswan book and configured the ipsec.conf but then got 
a message that my version in the messages log that this version of Pluto 
does not have aggressive mode (and congratulated me on my good judgment 
:-) ).

How do I get aggressive mode into Pluto? The book indicates it is 
supposed to be supported. Do I need to recompile? I'm not particularly 
expert at these things so if there is advice or a better rpm for Suse 
10.1 out there I would appreciate it.

thanks, Dan

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