[Openswan Users] Ipsec connection doesn't work over PPP

Antony Gelberg antony at wayforth.co.uk
Wed Nov 8 06:41:47 EST 2006

Hi all,

I have a roadwarrior config on my laptop (roadwarrior-net in the logs), 
that works very well from outside the office, via ADSL connections, 
whether my laptop has a public or static IP.

However, when I connect to the Internet via my mobile phone (ppp0 in the 
logs), everything works apart from openswan.  The SA comes up, but I 
can't ping or do anything else via the gateway.

I've put a barf at http://static.wayforth.co.uk/ipsec_barf.  Hope 
someone can shed some light on it - I'm not that familiar with the ins 
and outs of ipsec, but will debug further if someone can guide me on 
where to start.



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