[Openswan Users] Same subnets on both ends

Tomasz Grzelak tgrzelak at wktpolska.com.pl
Mon May 29 14:14:35 CEST 2006

Marc McGuinness wrote:
> Hello folks,


> I was asked to configure VPNs for several subnets. Unfortunately I've
> got two large subnets with the same ip range.
> Example:
> --- --- internet --- ---
> I can't just renumber one end as there would be many difficulties
> involved, especially political ones (responsiblities).
> Is there a good way of getting the VPN to work without renumbering a subnet?

In theory - you can NAT source addreses from LAN1 to some virtual IP 
address before encrypting packets, and on the other side make a route to 
the virtual IP address through the tunnel.

But that's only my imagination... You can try this inpractice now.

Good luck!
Tomasz Grzelak

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