[Openswan Users] "patch to allow psk and rsa auth for roadwarriors" -- please comment on it

utkarsh shah utkarsh at elitecore.com
Mon May 29 12:25:25 CEST 2006


     when I tried to activate two dynamic addressed connection one with psk
 and another with certificate,
     it didn't allowd me to do so.
     is the given patch is ok ?? will it affect to any functionality......
 Please Help me....and give me some comments.....

 > From: "Matthias Haas" <mh at pompase.net>
 > Subject: [Openswan dev] patch to allow psk and rsa auth for
 > roadwarriors
 > To: dev at openswan.org
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 > Hello,
 > I adapted Mathieu Lafons (at open-source.arkoon.net) patch to openswan
 > for openswan 2.4.5, to allow rsa and pak authentication for roadwarriors
 > (with dyn ips). This patch is at a level to say it works for me :-). any
 > further tests and comments are welcome.
 > This patch does not resolve the limitation that all roadwarriors share
 > same psk, but you can have roadwarrios that do rsa based auth and
 > roadwarriors using psk.
 > The patch is attached in the diff file.
 > Have fun :-)
 > Matthias
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Utkarsh Shah

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