[Openswan Users] MTU problems - Openswan to freeswan

Cameron Davidson cam73 at aanet.com.au
Sun May 28 19:42:17 CEST 2006

I wrote:
> I don't understand how MTU issues within openswan are supposed to be 
> resolved, and the problem for me is that they are not.
> A vpn over mtu=1500 connections reports a tunnel mtu of 1428 (via icmp 
> reply to big ping packet),
> while a link between an mtu=1500 site and one with mtu=1492 reports the 
> tunnel mtu is 1444.
> For a long time I have had a 3-way vpn setup running between two adsl 
> gateway boxes (call them A and B, which started as RH7.3) running 
> various versions of superfreeswan and openswan v1, on various 2.4 
> kernels. The third gateway (C) on cable is a Snapgear Lite+ v1.7.12.
> Initially they all ran on links that were mtu=1500, and everything was 
> fine.
> These are all subnet-subnet tunnels.
> Recently I upgraded A and B to Centos 4.3, and openswan to 2.4.5 (using 
> the netkey kernel IPSEC code).
> I upgraded A first and it was able to establish a good vpn link to B, 
> after a bit of tinkering with the config files. This link uses X509 
> certificates.
> Then I upgraded B and got that link working again.
> Now, the snapgear link has been unreliable because the cable operators 
> have been changing IP address, even the nexthop address, at increasing 
> frequencies, and the owner decided to go to adsl with a static IP, but 
> is required to use PPPoE, using the client inside the snapgear. So the 
> snapgear knows its wan port has mtu=1492, but the vpn mtu is set to 1444.
> Any ping packet I send  from A to C (or B to C), with raw packet size 
> between 1439 and 1444 gets encrypted as an ESP packet between 1493 and 
> 1500 bytes.  These cause an icmp fragmentation-needed reply from C's 
> nexthop router, which seems to be ignored by  everything at end A.
> I suppose I could use the overridemtu option, without actually losing 
> any capacity, but I don't understand why it is getting it wrong.
> One complicating factor was that I had to rebuild kernels on both Centos 
> systems - A did not have my ethernet card, and B paniced in SMP mode.
> System A now has a standard kernel, and B has a rebuilt, 
> stripped down rebuild of the Centos kernel 2.6.9-34.  There is always a 
> chance I've left out something vital, but I can't see anything obvious.

Where I am so far...
set overridemtu=1428 on the snapgear.

To change mtu under OpenSwan v2+netkey I can make the "ip route change" 
command work if I add all the existing parameters as well as the new 
mtu.  Well, almost...
"ip route" shows the new mtu on both OpenSwan v2 machines A and B. But 
big pings get different replies. If I ping from machines on respective 
subnets with a total packet length of over 1444 then:
      gateway A replies saying too big, mtu is 1428,   but
      gateway B replies saying too big, mtu is 1444.

If wait long enough for the local machines to forget  their cached path 
mtu values, and ping with a total packet length 1438 then:
      gateway A replies saying too big, mtu is 1428,   but
      gateway B passes it through to an ESP packet of 1496, which gets a 
reply from the remote ISP's router saying too big, mtu is 1492. Which is 
back where I started - Pluto and the kernel are both ignoring path mtu.

value of /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_no_pmtu_disc is zero on both machines A 
and B.

Surely there's an easier way, one that works.


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