[Openswan Users] How to include our own authentication parameters in ISAKMP

Shalini Tadimeti shalinitadimeti at yahoo.co.in
Tue May 9 09:03:10 CEST 2006


 I am working on a project which has IPSec established
on both client and server/gateway side using
Openswan-2.4.5 rpm.The authentication is being done
using RSA mechanism.But I want to include my own data
for the authentication purpose.
 This data has to be exchanged before the complete
establishment of SA.So it must be done somewhere in
ISAKMP phase 2 but before the starting of IKE
phase-2.Can I use Next payload as Hash Payload n
include this Data?? Can you please suggest me a
 Do also let me know if I need to provide some
more/specific information.


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