[Openswan Users] WTS via OpenSwan VPN don't works.

Cleiton Peres Reis cleiton at doctornet.com.br
Wed Mar 29 13:06:21 CEST 2006

Hello everyone !

I get a curious problem:

My OpenSwan vpn connect normally ,  ping work  in both sides,
I can connect for example in a FTP server on the LAN - A,

But when I try to do a Windows Terminal Service (WTS) connection in a server
on the LAN - A, results in Timeout.

I already try to modify the mtu size to 1300 in ipsec.conf  and  in my Internet interface
ppp0 with  "ip link set ppp0 1300"

Ps. I can do the same connection (WTS) via pptp connection.
       And too directly via Internet (valid IP) outside VPN.

My versions :

kernel 2.6.12
openswan 2.2.0-8
iptables 1.3.3-1
shorewall 2.4.1-3

If necessary I can send my ipsec.conf too .

If anyone have a tip I'll be glad !

Best Regards.

Cleiton Peres Reis

Servidores Linux.

DoctorNet Redes e Conectividade Ltda

Rua General Osorio, 1092
Centro - CEP 96020-000 - Pelotas/RS

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