[Openswan Users] Re: DES algorithm doesn't work

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Sat Mar 25 18:26:40 CET 2006

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006, utkarsh shah wrote:

> Subject: DES algorithm doesn't work

>     please guide me if i have made some mistake

>   when i use des algorithm as a phase1 algorithm it doesn't work

>           ike="3DES-MD5-modp1536!"
>           esp="3DES-MD5-1536!"

Don't use "!", that is obsolete syntax. I am not sure if all the matches
are also case insensitive, so do not use capitals.

>   other end

>           ike="3DES-MD5-modp1536"
>           esp="3DES-MD5-1536!"

>           ike="DES-MD5-modp1536!"
>           esp="3DES-MD5-1536!"
>   other end

>           ike="DES-MD5-modp1536"
>           esp="3DES-MD5-1536!"

I dont understand why you would want DES for IKE and 3DES for esp. In fact, I
don'tunderstand why you want DES, it is insecure. To enable 1DES you need
to edit Makefile.inc and enable USE_WEAKSTUFF and in newer versions you also
need to set USE_NOCRYPTO (because 1des is as good as no crypto)


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