[Openswan Users] Problems with ipsec via UMTS

Pawel Gasieniec gasienip at wp.pl
Thu Mar 23 22:33:02 CET 2006

I am new to Yours List, so forgive me any mistakes :)

I have successfully configured openswan. It now works for Linux - Linux
permanent links and for Windows Roadwarrior (with l2tp).
The only problem is when Roadwarrior tries to connect via UMTS (Polish
GSM/UMTS operator named ERA).
I noticed that sometimes (most of the times to be precise) TCP, ICMP and
ISAKMP packets come from one IP and UDP packets come from another. The
result is "packet from phase 1 message is part of an
unknown exchange" in log and, of course, no connection to Openswan.

I have called them and asked for it, but the only thing they told me is that
they do not guarantee anything but working internet browser and mail client.
Their technicians are not responsible for nothing else.

My question is if it is possible to make ipsec connection with such

Tank You for all response,

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