[Openswan Users] KLIPS RHES4 / 2.6

patrick hartemann patrick-hartemann at wanadoo.fr
Sun Mar 19 18:27:24 CET 2006

Gary W. Smith wrote:

> I was wondering what the stability of this is?  Is it safe to patch 
> the kernel in this environment?  I know there has been various threads 
> in the past, just looking for an update.
> Gary Wayne Smith
>Users at openswan.org
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Hello Garry,

regarding KLIPS and RHES4/2.6, it seems good for a standard kernel. For 
a smp kernel (i've still tested few days ago with the last RHEL4 U03 and 
with CVS version) there is always same bug (system freeze after loading 
the module). Regarding hugemem kernel I've not the oppurtunity to check it.
Let me know if you hear anything about smp kernel ;)


patrick hartemann
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