[Openswan Users] windows/linux configuration

saltzman at comcast.net saltzman at comcast.net
Fri Mar 3 22:10:56 CET 2006

    I'm pretty much a newbie using openswan. I've spent about a week reading and setting up my 2 machines. I'm trying to configure an encrypted tunnel between windows xp and a set of linux (rh9) boxes on a  wireless subnet. I have considered other possiblities (openvpn and WPA), but for various reasons these solutions have their problems. 
   I have followed Nate Carlson's web page guide, set both sides up and have hit a roadblock - it's not working. 
    Instead of going back and forth on this mailing list, with me asking a lot of stupid questions, I would like to propose paying someone for their time (an hour or so) to talk me thru debugging my configuration over the phone.


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